«Accepting challenges
and generating higher-than-
average performances.»
«To achieve ambitious
abjectives with the assistance
of a good partner.»
«To go ahead with
trustworthy partners and
confident connections.»
We are glad to stay at your
disposal for a meeting.»

Advantages of external employees

The activities of Confidas Treuhand AG are based on the highest level of technical skills and expertise, which is always up-to-date with the latest developments. Our advice is personal, customer-oriented and discrete. The customised services are geared towards cutting costs and saving time.

With state-of-the-art materials and qualified staff, we provide outstanding services at fair prices. We focus our energy on any opportunities we identify for our customers.

As external employees we relieve your expenditure and your costs connected to administration. We are familiary with the latest tax and accounting regulations.
As external employees we have a better overview of costs and services. We are a neutral support with implementing your visions, wishes and objectives.